Publishing your App Using Google Play Developer


Even though there are already a lot of apps that can publish certain applications, Google Play is still the biggest and highly visited store around for the world. Google Play gives one platform for analyzing, selling, marketing, and distributing sales of any Android app.

This article would talk about the different topics that are very particular to Google Play, like registering on how to become an app publisher and getting assets to aid Google Play in promoting and marketing your app.


For you to be able to distribute an app by means of Google Play, you should first make an account. This needs to be done once, and involve a fee of $25. All of the apps must be signed with its cryptographic key that will all expire on October 2033.

The max size for APK published in Google Play is approximately 100MB. Whenever an app will exceed at 100MB, the Google Play would ask for additional assets to be delivered by means of APK Expansion Files. The Android expansions files allow the APK to get 2 extra files, each of the file has a size of 2GB. The Google Play would then distribute and host these files without any fees. However, you must take note that Google Play is not available globally.

For you to publish apps in Google Play, it is important to make an account first. Here is the step on how to sign up a publisher’s account: First, you have to go to the Google Play Development Console. Then, you have to enter you basic details, this would serve as your identity as a developer. Next, read properly the developer distribution agreement form and accept it. Pay the registration fee of $25. Confirm the verification through your email. After you have successfully created your account, it is now possible for you to publish various apps utilizing the Google Play.

For you to be able to market and promote your app in the Google Play, Google permits developers to you to send your promotional assets such graphics, screenshots, and videos. The Google Play would then utilize those promotional assets in order to promote and advertise your app. Read more here:

The Google Play apps need to have high resolution. It is usually utilized by the Google Play and doesn’t replace the launcher icon. Here are the specifications: 512 x 512 pixels, 32 bit PNG w/alpha channel, and a maximum size of 1GB. The simplest way of developing your app for Google Play publication is via iBuildApp.

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